Mission Statment

My personal mission statement involves my passion to create meaning for other mums in there life by helping them to find their life purpose again through all the difficulties that parenting throws our way.

I aim to do this by 

Being a role model for other mums by overcoming my own challenges and adversities while still enjoying life and being my true self show how I found myself again and my enjoyment in life

Showing what our family life is like the ups and downs. The family own routines and how we fit in healthy living, fun and cope with challenges

How I create meaning in my own life by following my passions and giving myself self love and care

Sharing how I overcome depression and anxiety daily by looking at my mental health and caring for it through exercise, food, rest/relaxation and doing the things that I love. I do slip-up sometimes but that’s part of life and I give myself a break show you how you can too.

I want to show other parents that it is possible to still have meaning in your life, being a mum is not the be all and end all  you can still be you and take time for self love care so that you can be the best mum that you can be for your family by understanding that you need to take time for yourself with your passions and find the things that you love and need.

How to do the things that you love between raising a young growing family and the demands that raising and caring for a household involves

This blog is also a digital album for my kids to look back on and see what life was like for them while they were younger the things that they did and the memories so that they can see how much they’ve grown and developed over time