March 2017 Full Moon Questions ♡

Thanks to Soulshine Astrology for the inspirational questions I will be journaling on these tonight as part of my full moon ritual.. what are some of your full moon rituals?

Monthly Moonscope for March 2017 – Soulshine Astrology

Questions and reading thanks to

  • “How can I seek a more realistic perspective on what I’ve been working on?”
  • “What part of my vision do I need to get rid of in order to focus on what really matters?”
  • “What is the real point of the work I’m doing & how can I cut to the chase?”
  • “How can I use my innate gifts & talents to serve society?”

These are the questions that really hit home for me and will be journaling on tonight as part of my full moon ritual.. what are some of your full moon rituals? 

This Mums Going On Holiday

The first thing I am going to start ask myself each day is ‘what do I want to do’ before ‘what needs to be done’

So I decided to take myself on a mental and physical holiday I am going to have fun and do the things I want and need to do! Without constant care of things for others in the house getting done (with those that are old enough and capable that is) as I no longer want to be the one that puts off what they want to do and need to do for themselves because I am too busy tidying up ‘nagging’ and providing everything that needs to be done in a household so others only have to do what they want to do rather then thinking ahead for themselves what needs to be done. *rant over* ok maybe another little one coming up…

It does not mean I won’t be there for them and help, it just means I am not putting all my time, energy and effort into providing to others I am going to start providing for me first then others!

I understand that others have school and work however I am also wanting to establish a business and study so it can’t be just my job to do ALL of the day to day tasks. A family needs to work as a team to work together to have the lifestyle they want.. I need to stop being relied on to do all the mundane tasks. You may be mistaken in thinking I enjoy them I DON’T think ahead, do you need it? Well you better frikkin do it! I mean seriously you can’t always have mummy do it for you or tell you what you need to do, you need to learn to do things for yourself have some independence take initiative and help/work with others for the bigger picture. To make it easy here is a list of some of the things that are left to me that no one seems to notice… 

  1. Wiping tables, benches, spills
  2. Putting things laying around away (rather then stepping on them) and preferably where they belong which would eliminate the next couple…
  3. Finding and putting things back where they belong!
  4. Finding dishes around the house and buting them IN the wash, rinsing dishes, packing dishwasher/unpacking dishwasher and dish rack
  5. Putting toilet rolls in the bin and replacing the toilet paper WTF 
  6. Putting dirty not clean things IN the wash, clearing laundry
  7. Clearing paper crap! PUTTING RUBBISH IN THE BIN!
  8. General cleaning of the bathroom, toilet, laundry, hall
  9. Cleaning the floors (oh and in our house; walls, cupboards, doors, ect) and we live in Cairns please pick up/get rid of bugs seriously don’t leave them there
  10. Cleaning and making the beds (I know I’m weird I love to rest in a sand/dirt free bed)

I am going to set myself of the task of only doing one hour of these things in the morning and one in the afternoon, even better if we all worked together it would take less time and we would have more time for the fun stuff!! Then we wouldn’t miss out on doing activities over the school holidays like we did on the last ones. The above things take away from my time and ability to;

  1. Self care for myself so I am full to do the following..
  2. Establish a business that I am passionate about
  3. Create the lifestyle we want for our family
  4. Play, have fun enjoy life with you
  5. Have energy to take you anywhere let alone anywhere fun
  6. Plan meals and cook/bake (which I actually enjoy doing)
  7. Plan trips, go camping
  8. Get out of the house and do activities

The first thing I am going to start ask myself each day is ‘what do want to do’ before ‘what needs to be done’ then work out the best time to do the 2x hour blocks of mundane tasks and spend the rest of my time doing what I want and need to do for myself ♡ 
How about the other mums out there I know im not alone.. do you need to take a mum holiday? What are some of the things that are left to you that no one else seems to notice?