Lola ♡

I write this sitting here in tears. We lost our puppy Lola today and it has thrown me for a loop and in a big way. I had all these things I wanted to achieve goals and things I wanted to share now I am just flat drained and no longer seem to care about any of it. I know most are thinking but it was just a puppy, but that’s the thing she was a puppy she was young and should have had a full life and now nothing… she doesn’t get any of that and now I keep thinking what’s the point I don’t want to grow and be better I don’t want to work this hard to achieve nothing and make no difference it’s not fair she was only a puppy a tiny baby still, really she could have had such an amazing loving life with us growing up so close in age to Jesse and I couldn’t even give her a peaceful passing she was gone before I even made it to the vet it hurts me that the last moments she had was in pain and scared. Fuck you universe you won you broke me!

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